Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a full circle
mediocrity and sounds
you jumped in with me, but still felt
the sincerity i so longed for,
praying for-

your eyes to light up
i felt them on my back
your glittering form in the shallow, pebbled water
we thought it was dead, but alive it became and swam away

it was mutual,
you kept saying, but how could you know i was feeling the same?
so we washed the crust off the bowls,
scrubbing them with rocks
apartments in my mind

blue walls, blue walls, blue walls, i kept seeing.
the banjo still plays and i can't buy my love
any longer, so

arise, we told it-
her eyes were amber, with the sun shining on her back, the
ocean at her side.
she preferred it to engulf her but his heart was a ring of turquoise- she took it from him, put it on, paraded around as if it were a sign of his love.

"you're not sick,"
i told him
"you are beautiful," i had wanted to say it for so long,
but i read his lips like tea leaves, each crevice a memory, every hue a call for more.
in the van you told me how each note,
a bead,
moved at a consistent yet unpredictable pace away from it's center.
i didn't understand; i just thought it was pretty.

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