Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a bumblebee for every step closer to the afterlife
each one buzzes in my ear
"sad, so sad," i murmured,
but the buzzing just got louder, until it split into a million pieces
piercing my heart and causing it to rupture

"forgive me!" i said,
not wanting to fall, but arms they reached towards the cosmos,
we planned it before, but the time was now.

erasures clogged up my throat
edit, edit, edit. it will not come through-

"we had a good home," he told me, "a breath for every meal, and a moon garden that became our own."

"bumblebees came and pollinated, but you know, it was never enough"

so they circled round our heads, daunting, taunting. the bed and breakfast is now closed, and the skyscrapers rusted. the sky has fallen down, so we now live above the atmosphere, but my arms are still too short to reach the open window.

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