Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hurricane diptych

You were quivering, and it was August.
My feet tracing rippling water, in Muskegon,
and behind a coffeeshop, a history descends!
A remembrance- of forward moving motion,
and an exposure to a yellowing sun.
I can equate movements to rhythm,
but the flower I am waiting for has not yet descended
to your fragile, open hands.
Shouted loud to protect your name.
I find it hard to differentiate between structure and form.
Your redwood lips are tea-leaves,
my fingers graze over them, in the dark,
to find eternal meaning, or evidence of creation.

manuscript fog

Yesterday’s brilliant sunrise,
and today your heart turns to magma.
Glass melts to liquid, which hardens into stone.

I've fallen seventeen stories.
Woke up in a cathedral, in France,
under an in-situ ceiling.
Samuel said, “leave nothing to chance,” as if it were a person.
but no- it is a force: forks, twists, pulls together, and tugs apart, with no discernible reason.
Metal wedges against itself, but does not rupture.

The kaaba which we have been in worship to was fetched by Elijah,
bursting into a knot of neon flame.
A fragrant ascent, in Arabia.

Yesterday's brilliant menagerie
gives way to today’s cemetery
of desert-bones.

in woodlands, december

I have wrapped your arms in tin,
and with it, a certain eloquence.
He notices beauty, and I, transformative nature.
and terrific unholy material.
My inner spirit dwells in the natural environment;
I pulsate under stone bridges, in flight.
Body yearning to collide with spirit;
to exist in open landscape-
for knowledge to permeate its form.

Decay has no ideas of reference,
no planetary constraint.
It arrives and it flees,
from our re-opened eyes.

I fall below you in mid-morning,
as lightning stretches from your fingers to the sky.
And yes, if your mind extends and begins to wonder,
I do. I finally have my quiet satisfaction.