Thursday, December 19, 2013

with outstretched flora
we view the world in stinging textures 
at sun washed seas,
baritone mornings,
adagian sunsets--
and knot your harnessed variables 
to the worship of an evergreen freedom.

silence awakes, and with it, a growing tension.
watching your eyes darken,
dialogues transform to striking match, float to embers, sparkling in a deepest well.
we view one fortress open up into another-
same thought wavelength, different resonance.
I compared you to a forest, years ago. 
thick with brush. dark, dense, with a slight scent of falling night.

rockets consume into flame.
retreat closer towards a watercolor floral.
black and white seems to be of importance.
stark contrasts and the extremity of feather nights.

dissipating my spirit into
emerald clouds, 
malachite evening
and the promise of continuous renewal, until finally,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There are several close-knit statues---
facing Jerusalem.

Men bang on their knees
like drums.
Mud of the earth
shakes and dries to coal.

O how distinct conversations have awakened me.

O how pitch black desert hair
flips underwater, swims
in the dark of night.

O to see your laughing,
morning face.

Violins wail as ships flutter
to their ocean-floor deaths,
iron consuming iron.
And cosmic awakenings.
Rifts across the skies.

Indigo dreams.
Cotton stained navy
from Israel tears.

O Zion how your empire has
woken me up from a single
beauty, a son in early winter.

How one conversation,
How one single fact.

Has made everything shatter and rearrange.

A man exists, the same lineage as Christ.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Begging to be risen up
or sunk down into the ground. 
Twisting under coverlets, tucked inside coverlets.
Dreaming of black and white mannequins, inside city boutiques.
White on white coffeeshops.
A birthday planned in a Carolina, where clear water passes through logs, of variegated spaces.
A sudden retraction, waves pulled back
A tide unknotted
To reveal the skeleton sand beneath.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Crater fields harness energies from panels rippling overhead.
In our atom-stained womb.
And fireflies buzz in star formations above our canvas stretched wavelength voices.
In night, broken lintels crack throughout our minds---
Where is newness?
And where is the progress I was promised?
I just don't know.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cathedral walls stained crimson
from your already glass-sculpted hands
I admit to you a sowing
but gather not the totality of half-petals
or half-fruits
or half-stalks
to assemble into a single machination
of a pulsing beauty.

I can't bleed enough for you to notice
the sores on my palms.
Regular undulations,
shuffled to indifferent names
with indifferent scents
and different motions of intimacy.

But by the power vested in me,
by the substrates of anatomic molecules
bound and shook together
I now pronounce you
tired, alone, wasted,
and knotted together with one who you will weave yourself into, and trip over,
until eternity ceases,
until the skies shriek

I am knotted to bouncing matter,
glued to fleshy soil
molded bronze pulled from the gelatinous earth,
now worn on my wrist.

I have yet to increase a gracefulness
or poise, or floating confidence,
but the light creeps up upon those in darkness
the snails, the tiniest ones who drain themselves
into empty vases to conceal,
and therefore reveal dazzling light.

This is all worn down to fingernail pigments,
and eight silences arise
to bring mansions of not my desire.
Enter into clear rhythms
blushing wind when holiness is acknowledged. I sprouted in closeness
in Grand Rapids, walking to a sunbathed lighthouse
moving closest to a highest heaven
Safety and connective tissue.
Distance and coldness.
I'm not great with vagueness or sleight of hand.

See your greatest movements in the flesh of the night
air dense, and cold.