Thursday, December 19, 2013

with outstretched flora
we view the world in stinging textures 
at sun washed seas,
baritone mornings,
adagian sunsets--
and knot your harnessed variables 
to the worship of an evergreen freedom.

silence awakes, and with it, a growing tension.
watching your eyes darken,
dialogues transform to striking match, float to embers, sparkling in a deepest well.
we view one fortress open up into another-
same thought wavelength, different resonance.
I compared you to a forest, years ago. 
thick with brush. dark, dense, with a slight scent of falling night.

rockets consume into flame.
retreat closer towards a watercolor floral.
black and white seems to be of importance.
stark contrasts and the extremity of feather nights.

dissipating my spirit into
emerald clouds, 
malachite evening
and the promise of continuous renewal, until finally,

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