Friday, July 31, 2009

Elsie failing, forgotten pixies

Everlasting, unceasing whisperings
tucked under waterfalls;
Phillipe told me, "The only way to ever know what He is saying is to drown,"
which is how my mother went, vying for knowledge aforementioned and etched into ivory bones.
If I press hard enough I can feel my rhythm,
but my eternity did not begin at my inception!

raepheldae hamastalde, kleamaere, holmedstarde

Elsie sees his form through the curtain,
but I am crying under the comforters, after kissing his head.
Expectant mothers are groaning in the night
but my stomach growls each time I remember fawning.
I desired to explain, time and time again, the fear I possessed that he would not return,
I screamed, "Phillipe, come!", but remembered the ancient trimesters.
A pile of skin and bones, a pile: skin, and bones.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

mourn for me, mourn for me, mourn for me,
I'm not taking him away, I said
guess, guess, guess,
and I did it for a reason and I can still remember why,
my fourth sense tingles when the breeze twirls in.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Red boats,
seven of them- pulled in their masts at the sound of Your footsteps
on the rocky waves, for they were being
The men's lavender eyes turned upwards,
where the clouds were circling
and round
and round

Beneath the sea, the creatures came to life,
where the beads off Your wet feet
fell into the water, multiplied and
commanded them to awake.

"A reprieve! A reprieve!"
they whispered to their napping families, who,
carrying their water jugs, left their homes. The deep-sea
cottages they inhabited were now untouched, the last overcast day their minds would have to comprehend.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"forget, forget, forget"

each time it beeps, i have to remind myself of life everlasting,
how far away it is from where i am,
how close it can be.
"remember me!" he screams, not uttering the words, but grabbing my hand and telling me not to leave. how can i not, i think, with expletives shouted and black and blues (which i admit, i repeatedly pushed in deeper, as to not forget him)
but the arrow continually comes, and the check is always too late.
you promised or pleaded for forever, but it shouldn't have ended this way. salty's is still open, but i'm still yearning for last year, when it was just me, and
i can't even look at that woman anymore without her reminding me again and again.

i'm trying to make it known to you that maybe i want to disappear when i'm around you, i'm not interested anymore, i'm straying away, but you keep pulling me back, taunting me with your words, my heart falling faster, deeper into some fantastical mysteryland where it's dark and all that can be heard is slow humming. so you grabbed my hand and i agreed never to leave, but what i really meant is, "i will stay with you, if you promise that it will only be me." that is what i promised to you,