Monday, July 13, 2009

"forget, forget, forget"

each time it beeps, i have to remind myself of life everlasting,
how far away it is from where i am,
how close it can be.
"remember me!" he screams, not uttering the words, but grabbing my hand and telling me not to leave. how can i not, i think, with expletives shouted and black and blues (which i admit, i repeatedly pushed in deeper, as to not forget him)
but the arrow continually comes, and the check is always too late.
you promised or pleaded for forever, but it shouldn't have ended this way. salty's is still open, but i'm still yearning for last year, when it was just me, and
i can't even look at that woman anymore without her reminding me again and again.

i'm trying to make it known to you that maybe i want to disappear when i'm around you, i'm not interested anymore, i'm straying away, but you keep pulling me back, taunting me with your words, my heart falling faster, deeper into some fantastical mysteryland where it's dark and all that can be heard is slow humming. so you grabbed my hand and i agreed never to leave, but what i really meant is, "i will stay with you, if you promise that it will only be me." that is what i promised to you,

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