Wednesday, December 10, 2014

my hours twist and turn from crimson to dusty merlot.
My touch is reddening,
and until I received it, my entirety was fresh.
But unfluttering,
unrefined and defined.
There is nothing too small,
but my tenderness paints it large on a background of gold,
and I prize it, not knowing whose soul at the sight,
may unfold.


Closely reveal your finalized lifeforms
in progressive half-time.
Consistent regression 
tarnish feather braids. 
Moving towards blackest experience of night.
Fires felt and towards your trial-fate;
tropical seas. 
North from the eyelids of your ethics-dreams!
to your lightest eyes.
The point-- to feel the deepest Father's yearnings.
flow from your quietest morning heat.
Amber eyes stained bright
through effervescent spirit-wombs.
Recurrent relations,
foothill majesties.
Migrations to recreate folded rip currents.
feather forms
Discrete // Fascinate // Assuming fables are the least of these.
From holiest origins. 
If // then: return. 
To your brightest house!
Tracing youth.
Basis: A tree of 1 node has 2 nulls, ok!
Safe in the windspeeds
of closer second-lives. 
Esteem from entireties,
shrouded in glass. 
Crackling and wild. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Egret Star

Newest sounds
glow through your clearest eyelids
Eyes lighten
to coming, broadening heat
Marked by your partitions
And I am sore.
Sore, from heaviest marble spheres
Pulling arms to higher elevations
Cardboard numbers
Scribbled across the floor
Your face--- in early winter!
And we magnify the day.