Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where am I dwelling?

In this flower? Pollen makes my eyes water
the tears make the stem grow thicker
and quicker
growing closer to the sun
and I am rising closer to You.

In this open sea?
falling under,
my eyes burning from the salt that surrounds me (in fact, we
all are salt)
I know you're down there
I cannot hold my breath long enough.

On this piece of knitted wool?
Jumping from purl to purl,
I feel the warmth of your skin but,
this garment is much too far from it's Creator.

Swimming in these colours?
Of purples, blues, and white
everything is much too vast and everything looks small (not
as small as I feel)

I realize,
I am dwelling in
the parts of You, I am
in Your eyes, I
I am
in You
we are
we are one

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