Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are fighting, feuding,
atom-bombing each other's land,
but this land belongs to no mortal.
We inhabit, but we do not rule.
We speak, but we do not change.
We ask, but we do not seek.

Who is your leader?
college-bound atheists,
Who are you looking towards?
Where is your Truth?

Spend some weeks in the forest,
under a microscope,
or float in space.
You will meet your leader,
for he speaks in soft rhythms
and reverberates in harmonies.

You have stuck advertisements, billiards, dice, and
artificial love into your ears as to block you from reality.

I tell you, relive your life and exist in the truth of your master, for you have somewhere higher to dwell, you have a destiny to tend to, you have a Truth to live out.


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