Monday, June 8, 2015

Earth Witness

Crushed wheat,
Background tintinnabulation
under forest thoughts and vehicle prowlings.
Pulled from the earth, a brother, and thus water flows forth!

A demand: triumph, but continue to eradicate stagnant knowledge.
And therefore shatter unethical particle movements,
and thorough hands-
A seal, a mark, a gesture:
all orienting to the North.
And truth.

Your words are substantial, yet I have not yet processed their meaning.
Your sounds are heavy, yet I have not yet understood their nuances.
Your atmospheres are energetic, yet I have not yet interpreted their essence.

From the earth, a sister is pulled.
Brought forth from ash.
She rises, with gestures of fearlessness.
Christ in ecstasy. Hand touching greenest grass. Hand touching desert dust. Hand touching transparent waters. Hand touching heart.

And I intrinsically fall, to the fairest of feet. Eyes expand to increasing brightness.
A witness, I'm aware, is farthest above, yet still unseen.

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