Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Double dreaming of matte lakes,
stretching across landscapes.
Azure // bursting,
and my eyes continually yearn for neon. Intentionally.
Or darkest indigo tree trunk rings.
Stained inky from your poeticism,
Dated you,
found your origins,
chronology, counting sunspots.
Spring wood // Your youth,
which I cannot yet comprehend.
And your tastes.
And your explorations.
Species // Special
Hovering horizontally across waterforms
Intellectual property
Lake turning bright Louise-blue
from aforementioned, greying
Fading dendrochromatics
And I shiver in
B R O A D // D A Y L I G H T
And I am unwell,
but continually overjoyed.
Dreamt of fire-forms, a distance consumed
Rope swings, bearded and shirtless love, endless freedom.
Laughing, and entangled.
Consistent continents
bang together,
rupture // erupt
eyes  w i d e n
to coming mo(u)rning

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