Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have you found a final message
for the everlasting offspring you possess?
And still waters
float beyond our stagnant beds
and bells
and bells
and bells
ring so very loud
a heartfelt
of sugar-sprinkles
in mid-morning.

A singing mother wondered
about the truths being
thrust towards her
fluttered with the thoughts of seven sailors
and writers- bound to the feet of their lovers
and beds! with a staggering memory
and a thoughtful recollection of singular promises
told in darknesses, we stood

Knew it had been,
for quite some time, but still
pretended naivety along silvered shores

"You are a thing of mighty, shaking beauty and yet,"
Still I stumble, quietly against your feet.

I am
yearning but do not move,
while you, a prince,
shove your way into the Kingdom of heaven,
but who now is the stronger one?
Be not the controller of super-faiths but fall
through your present shiverings
to wild ecclesiastical thrustings.

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