Friday, February 12, 2010


of an artemesian peared form

but antenna's delicate buzzing electrocurrents
spoke to your brother, amidst a slow uplifting
of marriages,
to which a foreigner had not been interrogated, as of yet
how can one of three, become a perfect symmetry
unrelated to the scratching of bones together,
the shivering beauty marks on various parts of various faces,
or the stance one is found in, beside unearthed waterfalls?
how, can one:
of three,
become symmetrical, to another, over vast distances
relating to the metaphysical magnets lodged in our palms,
the understanding of words not yet uttered,
or the feeling of being spun a thousand times
where the earth is tilted on its axis
for a split-second?
how, when three from the same inch of skin became,
a fragrant memory between a glittering snowbank in the pacific?
where had a childlike fortress of sharpies on wrists,
promises in deep darkness,
or a rare feather seen circling the habitats of seventeen mammals,
bound to their lovers
encountered the Light?
understanding became a slow, dreamlike annulment
of vows not yet felt
from a pair of friends.
a photograph in the 40's in a darkly stagnant
burial of stone and ash
was finally uncovered
in a trinket-box
in the sea

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