Friday, December 11, 2009

the similarity of the unknown

a recollection of future phrases,
as wavelengths of our syllables
are hungered, just
swung up, O!
to meteoric atmospheres
to eventually shiver downward,
(now intersected)
and break off
to be caught, by our bodies
in a single movement

while above us,
drums conduct
a froth of broken wires
melted, but now conducting a propelled
fetused fusion
formerly glittered, textured hammock-like
from above a neo-colonization of birds with half legs
and tiny bottled messages tied to their toes

splitting off and rushing through the place between our lungs, we say
the same
words before we speak, we
perform resembling movements, we
love in complementary ways, we
are reciprocal, parallel parts
but still, one
and a Third
to be thrust into a congruent civilization, (where we both align)
but always to a

(a poem to be realistically and eventually bound together with mariana's, of the same subject matter)

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