Saturday, November 14, 2009

a draft

on the human inclination of immediate destruction:

the possibility of a reconciliation betwixt unsaid formulas
that we had prearranged to
have collected in our hands
a parallax between stars of the same hue,
a bright rood hangs
(above our)
heads with a tenacious language
caught in the space between our words

there exists a theory that dwindles with increasing exploratory knowledge,
diagrams of trees that we had
understood to be
realization before bonfires
that had eaten our sweaters (where he wouldn't stop calling my name, but would not answer once i listened)
though i notice the skies above your head,
still you weep, under the covers on your lover's bed

(a name, bringing knots)
closer and closer to discovering
the Mystery beneath our skin
eternality being thrust from our chests
a string, pulled back-- and given more string, to become further from it's end

a beginning, whispered into flame
sidewalks mourning the place where two previously walked
their footsteps permanently etched into cobblestone,
sunk down

where puddles form

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