Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a refuge of iron,
humbled stones-
you told us, "raise your eyes to the north!"
a final deed to
salute, or
sacrifice, your
young to him; what
if it were i who perished?
she told me it was downtown, a memoir turned fable,
an antique shop, a harbor,
yearning to be ripped apart by You
called but i didn't answer (accidentally)
called, you did- out into the air
for me, you called!
for me, you called.
(i forgot)
how long before this continuity becomes (deceased? desire)
i possess to own a given love,
seeing you lying there
holding the same desire, but reciprocated (to love,)
so let us rejoice like steeds throughout wild,
multiply our love as bacteria rustling through blue-green waters.
wondering, "how deep a love can be restored?"
(answered without saying) a word.
beyond your glances i see a dark satisfaction,
i desire to be
as you are but am unsure where to begin. to share like you would be incredible, i am (still, as i pointed out before) unable to see past stagnant marshes behind fluttered eyelids.

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